Thursday, April 05, 2007

Liberace has left Obetz!

If you remember, one of the first things I wanted to do when we moved into our new house was replace those hideous, Liberace-esque "chandeliers" hanging in the living and dinning rooms. We purchased 3 new ceiling fans and Nick installed them last weekend. We still need to replace the ceiling fixtures with fans in the other two bedrooms and family room.

Look closely, and you'll see that Rodrick and Billy purchased the exact same sofa Nick and I did. We didn't notice until we came back the next day to sign the papers, making them an offer on the house.

The light (pictured below, because blogger hates me and the text isn't being published below the picture) wasn't really that ugly. I would have kept it if there was a fan somewhere in the kitchen.

Watching Nick install this fan was quite nerve racking at times. We had to buy a 10 foot ladder so he could reach the light, standing on the second to the top step.Once, I jokingly walked by and, ever so lightly, shook it as he was going up. Needless to say, he was not amused and ordered me to the kitchen until he came down.
Last week when we had temperatures in the high 70's, this fan completely cooled the entire family room loft and circulated the air throughout the living and dinning room. It looks much better than the previous "thing" they had hanging here.

As you can see, I've taken much better care of our couch than the boys did. I think theirs became shaded from the stain glass they had inserted in the window.

My china cabinet and table look very nice together after being separate shortly after being purchased so many years ago. The china cabinet was in my living room in our Cleveland home, my dinning room wasn't large enough for both the table and cabinet.

Here's the new dinette set we bought last week. The table top is one big piece of granite (and very, very heavy) and I hope to get counter-tops to match. That will obviously come many years from now once I start a "counter-top" fund, along with my carpet fund, kitchen floor fund and the french doors for the dinning room fund.


Christina said...

Yay! New house pictures. I've been anxiously awaiting them and finally they're here.

Everything looks very nice thus far. Are you finally feeling settled in a little bit? How are you liking the new area? I hope everything is starting to feel like home for you.

Thanks for the little peek into your new home.

janice said...

I can say I'm finally feeling settled. The upstairs could use more work, but I'm only focusing on one floor at a time. Besides, I spend most of my time downstairs so it's easier to get things in place and out of site while I'm on this floor.

I'll get moving on the other 2 bedrooms once the furniture arrives. It's so easy to put boxes in an empty room and close the door.