Tuesday, September 05, 2006

CAIR responds to President Bush's speech

It didn't take long for CAIR to come out with their "whine-o-gram" claiming "today's address by President Bush on the status of America's war on terrorism "grants undeserved legitimacy to extremists." Oh really?

Well, I say it's about time this administration explained the ultimate goal and nature of the enemy. He spoke bluntly about the global threat facing the civilized world.

This speaking tour by islamic terrorist Mohammad Khatami, will greatly embolden the radicals and their front groups inside America and around the world. Up lifting this terrorist and allowing him to spew anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric within our borders is doing more to grant legitimacy to extremist. While our President warns fellow Americans, "We know what the terrorists intend to do because they've told us -- and we need to take their words seriously,"

Khatami acts as a cheerleader for the "blame America first" crowd saying, "As America claims to be fighting terrorism, it implements policies that cause the intensification of terrorism and institutionalized violence,". Isn't that wonderful, our government granted a visa to this terrorist? For 14 days he's free as a bird, flying around this great nation insulting Her at every turn while CAIR stands in the shadows, quietly applauding his venomous rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

It's OK if you have CAIR behind you, go ahead and foster more anti-American sentiment among the "ummuh". Like that won't create more terrorists.

Malott said...

You're right J.T. That will be the ultimate effect of this lecture tour.

During WWII we didn't grant Visas to ex-Japanese leaders so that they could come to our cities and campuses to dispense anti-American rhetoric.

janice said...

I'm amazed at the lack of outrage by the American public. The man has publicly agreed with the current "nutter in chief" that Israel will be returned to the muslim people. Encouraging the jihadis to band together and destroy America and Israel.

What were they thinking? Unless they have a "Mitch Rapp" in the shadows waiting to make his move.