Monday, September 25, 2006

Holy month of terror

It's that time of year again, ramadan. At the first sighting of a full moon muslims worldwide begin the month long fast and us infidels will beef up security at airports and government buildings. Saturday marked the start of ramadan and true to fashion it was not without bloodshed. In the first reported attack of the holy month, at least 31 people were killed by a bomb in Iraq where calls for jihad echoed earlier threats of attacks in the Gulf and on Israel. A day of protests on the eve of ramadan saw no let-up in demands for the Pope to apologize for a quote intimating islam is violent, go figure. I could go and on pulling stories from across the globe where angry muslims celebrated their high holy day with death and violence. We have a long way to go and as the holiday wears on we'll hear more about maryrdom operations from the religion of peace. Legend has it, if you're a martyr (kill yourself) during ramadan, you'll receive an extra virgin or two.

All kidding aside, the terror alert level isn't elevated during Yom Kippur, Easter or Christmas. But don't make a point of bringing this up to the muslim community, they might get violent in an effort to dispel your comment. Happy ramadan!


Malott said...

What losers.

The only bigger losers that come to mind are those that see the death and terror - and choose to sit back and let it spread to their doorstep.

I continue to appreciate your blog, and I read everything you write. Don't go away.

janice said...

Thanks Chris, calling them losers sort of sums it up. They'll never know what they've lost by living a life totally committed to death!

I read a great quote by a CAIR director in Florida after a "sniper" shot at the mosque:
"It was very scary that this happened under what most regard as a peaceful time of year,"
Peaceful? Just watch the news over the next month and we'll see how peaceful muslims are during ramadan!

Anonymous said...

It's so sad we have to raise the terror alert level during islamic "Holy" days!
This religion is truely a culture of death. They love death as much as we love life. So very sad!

Anonymous said...

Jihadi...Thats what most people dont understand about this war. They dont care if they die, they prefer it. We prefer life!