Saturday, September 16, 2006

When is islam going to live up to their "religion of peace" claim?

I fall asleep with the radio tuned to our local talk radio station, 1420 WHK. They feature 4 of SRN's best talk hosts all week and overnight replay The Savage Nation. Michael Savage is NOT one of my favorite hosts, he can be a little extreme and has a tendency to go over board.

After a day of talk hosts and Fox News airing the islamic backlash to comments made by the Pope, I posted some calming pictures of God's Promise, made reference to the all to common reaction by the "religion of peace" and went to bed. Enter the savage nation. Michael was commenting (ranting) on the "ummah" and what's become an all to common response to "insulting" islam. Time and again following Friday prayers, muslims take to the streets insisting islam is the religion of peace. All the while effigys burn and chants of "death to...." whomever offended the peaceful muslims.

I have to say, Michael was spot on with his commentary last night, reminding us what happens when you offend islam. Just ask Theo Van Gogh what happens when you offend islam.

As the day wore on, it seemed I was made to believe this was a justified reaction. Talking heads from Jessie Jackson to CAIR came out and defended the actions of these crazed death cult followers. Calling for dialog and a greater understanding of the muslim world. CAIR sent an immediate response to the comments made by the Pontiff, insisting islam is peaceful. The email was chock-full of examples from the koran. Verses condemning forced conversion and a few lines stating the "true" meaning of jihad. The examples were selected and intentional, one must read the entire verse to understand what the prophet really meant, the devil's in the details. More of the same dialog of the demented.

Fire bombing churches and embassies, death threats to cartoonist and torching a makeshift likeness of world leaders has become "accepted" behavior by angry muslims. When Rosie O'Donnell "offended" Christians we didn't see death threats tossed her way or burning effigys in St. Peters Square. It's not a matter of respect, it's about living in a civilized world. American's have the freedom to offend and to be offensive. We also understand our actions and offensive behavior carry consequences. Is the western world going to hold the muslim world to the same standard and demand the ummah move into the 21st century. The ummah must put an end to the victim mentality and hold clerics accountable for the actions of their flock. They can't be any more clear when the chants of death are directed toward the western infidels, when are civilized nations going to wake up. Do we need another 9/11, Madrid train and London tube bombing? Their intentions are clear, and they need to be killed before they murder us!


SkyePuppy said...


I tried to ask Theo Van Gogh what happens when you offend Islam, but they told me he's dead. Hmmm...

Must have been an accident. Couldn't have been from the religion of peace. I mean, anybody could stumble over an uneven spot in the sidewalk and fall down and hit his chest on a letter with a knife through it. Happens all the time...

janice said...

Yes Skye, I tried to interview him on his view of islam. Needless to say, his silent response was deafening.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post Janice!

Assimilate into a civilized culture and join the community of mankind, or stay in the "armpit" of the midddle east
(except Israel) and murder each other!
It's clear they can't behave!