Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gitmo muslim detainees get special treatment during ramadan

Dates, nuts and honey are just a few of the "ramadan-specific" food items Gitmo terror suspects will received during the month long "holy" observance. Americas finest are working around the clock to provide the special meals that are doubled for their nighttime portions. In addition to providing medical monitoring to ensure detainees received adequate nutrients. Isn't that nice? Do you think our fighting men and women are allowed to have ham for Easter or champagne for New Years Eve celebrations while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan? I think not!

CAIR's daily "whine-o-gram" boasted of motions filed in federal court. CAIR's involvement is nothing more than a show of support and has no legal grounds. In the court challenge filed Friday, attorney Gaillard T. Hunt said muslim chaplains are needed help reduce suicide attempts among detainees. Since 2004 muslim chaplains have been banned following the arrest of former Army Capt. James Yee, the muslim chaplain accused of taking classified records. (Yee contends he was targeted because of his faith) Yee oversaw a staff of five chaplains, none of them muslim, a fact that sparked international criticism. A United Nations report earlier this year on conditions at the camp said the failure to provide muslim clergy for detainees violated minimum standards of treatment. The deference given to them under the guise of religion was unbelievable despite UN reports. Since the discredited "koran flushing" incident, guards were ordered to don medical gloves before touching a koran. Now, only civilian muslim interpreters are allowed to move and inspect the holy texts during cell searches. Military guards note that Korans have been used to pass messages and could hide weapons.

It's clear muslim prisoners in lockup often used religion as a wedge to get around the desires or authority of those above them and used religion to manipulate camp commanders. Due to their militant nature many procedures are stricter than those used by the federal Bureau of Prisons. These prisoners are not being held on traffic violations, they want to murder us. Let's stop treating them like normal criminals and handle them with the same regard the jihadist have for our military.


Anonymous said...

Come on Janice you know muslims are "special" and need "special" treatment.

You'll hear about them being served lamb and goat for the "iftar" at the end of this "holy" month.
Our military men can't even keep their life and limbs when they're captured by these "peaceful" soldiers of allah!

janice said...

So true JT, how silly of me to have forgotten.

Malott said...

With their capture these losers take a "step up" in prestige and diet.

This kind of appeasement and surrender to manipulation only encourages bad behavior.

janice said...

You too are correct Chris. This "religious rights" crap has got to stop, it's going lead to our defeat. They know the more we bend and give in to their ridiculous demands it make us look weak and emboldens the worldwide jihad.