Sunday, September 17, 2006

CAIR looks to muslim brotherhood & hamas as islamic leaders!

US Newswire is a "pay for play" media service. In other words, you pay them to submit your "news" item to various media outlets. There's no guarantee it'll get picked up. This service is utilized by CAIR when they issue "For Immediate Release" emails like the Pope denouncing "whine-o-gram" I received Friday.

I did some digging last night and read the entire CAIR release and compared the two. They are in fact identical. It was when I clicked to the Washington Post link, located on both the email and the US Newswire releases, that I realized CAIR tried to mislead me and the public. The prompt says: SEE: Muslim Leaders Blast Pope's Comments (Washington Post), now that would lead one to believe CAIR was among the muslim leaders mentioned and or quoted in the article. Right, well that's what I thought. I reread the WaPo news piece again and nowhere is CAIR or any American muslim quoted. The muslims "leaders" who did the blasting included members of the muslim brotherhood, a representative of hamas and the Iraqi radical "boy" cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. Are these muslim leaders directing CAIR? Does CAIR look to these terrorist for guidance? Is the claim made by Andrew Whitehead calling CAIR a terrorist front operation true? If they refer to these islamic terrorists as leaders then I think CAIR has some explaining to do!


Anonymous said...

Spot on Janice, fantastic post!

Malott said...

Great post, Janice.

Are CAIR and American Muslims being led by the actions and words of middle east terrorists?

Well, they are so sympathetic to the terrorist agenda that the distinction is moot.

janice said...

So true Chris, I hope they're exposed for what they are before they do more damage to this country.