Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why are muslims so thin skinned in this country?

As most of my loyal readers know, I pan the greatest "nuggets of news" from the CAIR communique I receive via email. I have taken the responsibility very seriously and believe the public could benefit from having a "stealth operative" such as myself working on the inside, so to speak. Most of the time the email is just a collection of headlines on the topic du jour from various news outlets. It's when "islam" claims a victory obtaining special rights from this country, that I allow them to grace the pages of "You Heard it Here..."

There is one overriding theme these emails have in common. They report and inflate any and every incident occurring though out the nation. This CAIR news worthy item, a muslim clergyman and his family while in Wal-Mart were called Osama. Okay, what's the problem? I don't see a reason for the CAIR Tampa office to call 20 (their number not mine) law enforcement leaders to meet with this man. Call me crazy, but there's no there there. Another example, yesterdays communique included 4 news links and 2 video links to the same story. Can we all say "over kill"? All the news that CAIR finds fit to communicate is filtered, inflated and when a resolution is met it never reaches the inbox. Is this a muslim thing or a tool used by all those who want their followers to buy into the victim mentality. I find it only contributes to the thin-skinned syndrome I find among the frivolous news points sent "en masse" to their subscribers. The same style must be used in the rhetoric emanating from mosques and islamic centers to produce the type of crazed worshipers we see following Friday prayers across the middle east and Europe when they've been offended. CAIR is doing their part to ensure the thin skin those muslims brought to America remains.


Malott said...

Victims are easier to turn into "us against them" followers? I don't know. But I may have to blog about this phenomenon some time, and I'll link this story.

janice said...

Please opine further Chris.

Everyday I'm amazed and liken it to "teasers" at the beginning of a newscast. When I do link to "the rest of the story," there's no there there. An empty story that's been inflated, meant to infuse the "us against them" mentality.