Saturday, August 12, 2006

So, ya don't think we gotta terrorist problem in America?

Did you know those two up-standing, young muslim men arrested in Ohio with $11,000.00 in cash, 12 cell phones, airline passenger lists and airport security checkpoint info (I'm not bitter 'cause Chris Malott scooped me in my own backyard, no really, I'm over it now) were graduates of "Hezbollah High" as Debbie Schlussel dubs the institution of public learning. Debbie unearthed a cornucopia of "hezbologna" relatives, supporters and sympathizers working for the "Dearbornistan" school system that produced these two wayward "yutes." Fordson High School, I believe, is just one of many Michigan high schools turning out America's future "islamic" leaders. Like it or not folks we've got a problem and if we don't allow our government to use every tool at their disposal to watch these "up-standing citizens", Michigan may be the first state to secede from the U.S. forming the "Islamic Republic of America." How's that sound? Think I'm joking, it could happen, how many times did Quebec try to break free from Canada? Every time CAIR or any other "muslim civil rights group" screams about hate crimes or offensive symbols or terms America relents more ground to these "tolerant" members of society. Around the world we see islamic terrorists winning elections where they can and when they can't they resort to car bombs and homicide bombers. And the "pisser" of it is they're killing fellow muslims in these martyrdom missions. Conversion by the sword, except in America where they'll use our rights and laws to gain the foothold they need to make this great country an islamic state conforming to sharia law. Democracy is incompatible with islam, and if we're not vigilant we'll see just how intolerant and incompatible islam is up close and personal.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in your "blogging" abilities when I saw Chris had posted the story before you. Maybe it's because of the time difference or 'cause he's up with the chickens?

Nice use of the "hezbologna", I'm impressed.

Malott said...

Great Post Janice.

I think we're nearing a time when we will have to decide that an immigration policy that allows groups that hate us to "colonize" our land is a very bad idea.

janice said...

Thanks Chris.

I would have thought after 9/11 we'd have agents crawling all over the "ummah", instead CAIR has grown from 9 to 32 offices after "muslims praising allah" attacked this country. We keep going from bad to worse.