Sunday, August 06, 2006

A "high-jacked" religion?

With every act of terror, senseless murdering or crazed up rising done in allah's name, CAIR, ADC or some other muslim group will issue a halfhearted statement claiming their religion has been high jacked by "radicals". Woven into these acknowledgments we find a condemnation of the tactics coupled with a validation of the motives. A dialogue of the demented permeates from these groups intended to lead the "infidel" public into believing these acts were perpetrated by wayward souls lead astray by imams teaching a version of islam inconsistent with the "true" beliefs of the "ummah". Let me ask you this question, have you heard any of these groups or any "moderate" muslims come out and condemn the proclamations made by the nutter-in-chief over there in Iran? No we haven't. Why you ask, because the true inner-circles of these associations believe these assertions and have been dispatched to do their part in this country to bring about a worldwide caliphate. A world where islam and sharia reign supreme. Look around, there is no prayer vigil for ALL who've been killed in this conflict, only candle holding, keffiyeh wearing, "islam will dominate" poster waving, anti-America / anti- Israel muslims demanding an end to the conflict so hizbollah can re-group and murder more Jews. Even the UNC Chapel Hill community believed "they" were at fault for the attempted murder of innocent students despite the fact the entire act was premeditated and willful. Again, the "islamic community" cried "this was not true islam." Well then what the hell is true islam when all I see is the murder and intentional destruction?
Tolerance and understanding is demanded of us infidels so we can assimilate to the new islamic world, brought about by this clash of civilizations. I pray we can overcome and remain steadfast in our beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

I too have wondered where's the out cry from the "ummah"? islam seems to enjoy playing the "victim". They can then demand tolerance and understanding, A.K.A. brainwashing, from the general public. I know about islam and have 2 copies of the koran. This cult is twisted and evil.