Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm going off on vacation, again

Yes this much loved blogger will be jetting off to "sin city" next week for a girls get away. My childhood best friend and I will be meeting in Las Vegas Wednesday for a week of relaxation, gaming, tanning, chatting and crying. She is flying in from Charlotte and I'll be exiting the cultural void of Cleveland on Wednesday night. She'll arrive 45 minute before me, and with the new travel restrictions forcing us to check all liquid items (women traveling without haircare products, I don't think so), she's now forced to wait for me at the dreaded baggage claim instead of a bank of slots. Once my bag is located it's off to the Flamingo Hilton smack-dab in the middle of the strip. Perfect for 2 "girls" traveling with an average of 4 pairs of sandals each. Planning for maximum clothing options using the smallest suitcase proved easier once I learned the pool amenities offered gaming right in the pool (it's been over 100 degrees everyday over the last 2 weeks). So I tossed out 2 pair of shorts and added 3 more bathing suits. We're about the same size so mixing and matching outfits allows for a smaller suitcase, right. Oh the fun we'll have!

We've traveled to Vegas many times with husbands in tow of course, never alone. We spoke last night about how we'll meet once I land, what to do after we check in and if I plan to pack those capris with the cuffs. She confessed her apprehension over leaving "him" unattended. Listing the things he may or may not be able to do with her 3000 miles from home. Then the realization that he planned, executed and accomplished the unfaithful deed right under her nose. A re-hash of how stupid she feels, the unending pain and the tears that overcome her at the most inappropriate times. I will reserve my comments and do a lot of listening during the week we're together. This will be unlike any Vegas vacation we've taken, besides the obvious, I'll probably bring money home this time. It's not about gambling but rather escaping. An escape from seeing the faceless woman every time she looks at her husband. An escape from the daily reminder that a marriage and my friend may be destroyed. An escape from the uncertainty that consumes her being. An escape from a home that's no longer safe and secure.


Malott said...

You're a good friend, Janice.

If you take pictures you will need to post them.

janice said...

We're best friends, and trying to help in any way I can. If this little diversion will help, let it never be said that I don't have time to go on vacation.

As for the pictures Chris, you know the saying
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

Just kidding, I bought a water proof camera for the pool and I'm charging my digital now. No blogging though, I'm afraid I won't have time. I'll post them upon my return.

Thank you for the kind words, and if you wouldn't mind, please lift her up in your prayers. She really needs it.

Anonymous said...


janice said...

Thanks Kevin, I mean anonymous. Sorry, I don't want to reveal your true identity. Remember to look out for Laurie while I'm away. I believe one of the perishable Curtins are trying to get her to "notice" them.

Also, if you find yourself at St. Monicas, please, remember me.

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