Friday, August 04, 2006


CAIR is planning to hold a press conference in Washington DC this morning to release the results of a "survey" gauging American attitudes toward the current round of fighting in the middle east. Without revealing the results, CAIR is confident an overwhelming majority of Americans is behind ending the war. CAIR Research Director Dr. Mohamed Nimer said, "Our polling indicates that elected officials who reject an immediate cease-fire are out of step with the majority of Americans".
Titled "Not in Americas Name", minions will be amongst the crowd asking attendees to sign their petition urging elected officials to support a cease-fire. Surely they understand if hezbollah lays down their weapons, they'll live. If Israel lays down their weapons they'll die.

I am surprised at the language in which CAIR has been using in the most recent communiques. Nothing is being said regarding the "high-jacking" of their religion. Perhaps they realize the black cap Nazrallah dons means he is a "true" descendant of that pedophile prophet, mohammad. Also no mention of the dead Israelis. Calling the military strikes by the IDF terrorism without condemning the obvious targeting of Israeli civilians is hypocritical at best. Because the death toll clearly falls in Israel's favor is the result of superior weaponry and the terrorist cowards (fighting for allahs favor) hide among the general populus. Make no mistake, if these madmen of "faith" had better missiles more innocent civilians would be murdered, which is their goal.


Malott said...

Israel shouldn't stop fighting until all who threaten her are dead.

Terror-Free said...

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