Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Muslim youth claims "I'm ready to die" at Buffalo airport

Alif Chowdhury and his father Ehsan Chowdhury were in the Buffalo airport Monday waiting to return to Long Island when the younger Chowdhury claimed to have a bomb in his backpack. Witnesses said the muslim youth, who was dressed in a traditional Islamic white robe and wearing a backpack, was observed praying loudly in arabic. Officers were quickly called and was talking to the father when the boy ripped off his backpack and shouted
"I have a bomb", "I want to die"' and "We're all going to die."
Authorities said although no explosives were found, the boy had several cell phones in the bag. Hummm, for IED's perhaps...... I found this an interesting point, the father came to Buffalo to accompany the lad home after he'd been visiting friends. The defense will be he's bi-pollar or he's been off his meds. I want to know if he was in contact with the Lackawanna 6 while in Buffalo and what in the world does a 16 year old need "several" cell phones. I can't wait for CAIR to respond and call for an end to the profiling of muslims.


Malott said...

Surely if nothing else he will be put in a psychiatric hospital for a long time.

One would hope anyway.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! Reims scrabble