Tuesday, May 02, 2006

CAIR's subtle attack on United 93

Today's CAIR email reports,

Here's what happened according to the CAIR communique;

The three Muslim women say a white middle-aged couple approached them on April 29 at the Desert Ridge Marketplace in Scottsdale, Ariz., and asked whether they were Muslim. After learning that the women were in fact Muslims, the couple indicated they had seen "United 93" and then said: "Take off your f***ing burqas and get the f*** out of this country. We don't want you in this country. Go home." [Note: Two of the three women are American-born citizens.]

I find it hard to believe a couple would approach 3 obviously muslim women, ask them if in fact they were muslim, proceed to tell them they had seen United 93, then verbally assault them. Sorry, I don't believe it. It appears the islamic community is doing what I call "bit before you're bitten". It's obvious they want the American public to forget all about the attack we suffered nearly 5 years ago, and this movie is seen as a threat to their sedation tactic, United 93 does not allow them to be the victim. So in an effort to draw attention away from the true victim, muslims across the US will be encouraged to report anything that could be construed as a United 93 intolerant backlash.
Another clue that points to a less than truthful event recall is the manner in which CAIR is choosing to handle the assault. Instead of calling for an FBI investigation into this "hate" crime, CAIR-AZ Office Manager Bushra Khan said,
"The couple's verbal abuse had obviously been prompted by their associating all Muslims with those who took part in the 9/11 terror attacks" and "The best way to prevent this type of stereotyping and intolerance is to educate ordinary Americans of all faiths about Islam and Muslims". Of course, more education for infidels so we can see them as the victims in this war.
It should also be noted that Khan was one of the women involved in the assault, how convenient is that?


SkyePuppy said...

CAIR is never to be trusted and never to be believed. If they said they sky is blue, I'd check first before I believed them.

This reminds me of the list of 20 facts about Islam over at Malott's Blog, especially number 14:

14) Lying and deception of infidels (taqiyya) is encouraged.

Great post, Janice.

janice said...

RoP did a great service with his/her 20 bullet points.
al taqiyya is in the koran, and I'm sure it's practiced by CAIR and others in this country to further their goal.

Anonymous said...

If you think that any Muslim needs to stoop so low as to create something like this for publicity, perhaps the problem is within your own mind.

Do you have any idea of the concept of taqiyya? Can you define it for me? Have you ever even left the US and visited another country? Better yet, have you ever even left your own town?

You're white trash. The same as the couple that harassed those Muslim girls.

janice said...

Anonymous, why are you so angry? Don't go "jihad" on me now. I'm sorry, but I don't believe the incident took place. CAIR is a terrorist organization and nothing they do or say can be trusted.

I do think some muslims would stoop to this level in an effort to play the victim to gain sympathy from the American leftist who want to change our culture.

Yes, I've traveled abroad and I've even left my street.

al-taqiyya is the dissimulation of one’s religious beliefs when one fears for one's life, the lives of one's family members, or for the preservation of the faith. It is most often used in times of persecution or danger. Don't muslims feel persecuted in this Great Nation we call America?

White trash?
It's easy to make assertions when you're anonymous. You have a nice day now and
God bless.

Anonymous said...

islam was born out of war, lies and rape. All rights given to mohammad from the sun god allah. Not unlike other cults, the leader makes up the rules as he goes along. islam is a cult, plain and simple. Know the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Great post Janice
Just like the cowards we see across the arab world wearing masks, anonymous must mask his or her identity. Cowardous actions by a cowardous death cult. Are they ashamed to be associated with their "faith"? Must be