Monday, May 08, 2006

CAIR intimidates Wachovia with an "Action Alert"

Here's another example of how CAIR will issue an "Action Alert" in an effort to intimidate a company into submission. I did send an email warning them of the impending intimidation avalanche.
This email came this afternoon and urges fellow muslims to call, fax and email demanding Wachovia explain and reverse its decision to close the accounts of several Muslims and the Foundation for Appropriate and Immediate Temporary Help (FAITH).
Here's what the email is calling on the faithful to do:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
(WASHINGTON, DC, 5/8/2006) - CAIR and the MAS Freedom Foundation today called on American Muslims and other people of conscience to urge Wachovia to explain and reverse its decision to close the accounts of several Muslims and the Foundation for Appropriate and Immediate Temporary Help (FAITH) - a small, Northern Virginia charity that provides assistance to people of all faiths.
In November, 2005, Wachovia sent a letter to FAITH announcing that the organization's accounts would be closed in January, 2006. Wachovia had never previously expressed any concern about the charity. At all times during FAITH's several-year relationship with Wachovia the organization's accounts were in good standing.
Despite numerous attempts by FAITH to discuss the issue with Wachovia, the bank's position remains unsatisfactory. Wachovia Senior Vice President Jeraldine Davis said in a letter to the charity, "As you are aware the Bank's contract with FAITH provides that the Bank can close any customer's account at any timeƂ…The Bank has determined that FAITH does not fit the business profile of a customer with whom the Bank chooses to transact business."
"Wachovia's heavy-handed approach to this small community charity requires explanation," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. "Since 9/11, the American Muslim community has noticed disturbing trends within the national banking industry where law-abiding American Muslims are seemingly and summarily being denied service based solely on their name, religion or ethnicity.
1. CONTACT Wachovia and urge them to provide a satisfactory explanation for their decision to close Muslim and FAITH's accounts, issue a public apology, and reinstate the accounts. COPY TO:
Mr. Jeff Gish, Senior Vice President,
Community Relations Executive,
MidAtlantic Region Wachovia Corporation
Phone: 804-697-7631
Fax: 804-697-7079
Wachovia Corporate Communications Department Phone: (704) 374-2138
Wachovia Contact Us Webform:,,14,00.html
2. EMAIL CAIR at and answer the following questions:
a. Do you have an account or do business with Wachovia?
b. Are you willing to move your account elsewhere if CAIR calls for a boycott?
c. Are you aware of any Muslim accounts Wachovia has closed in a similar fashion?

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Anonymous said...

Take note of the reminder at the end of the action alert to
"Be Polite"
Pitiful. It reminds me of telling my young child to "say Thank you".