Friday, May 19, 2006

Iranian dress code to include yellow star for Jews - 1939 again?

I have yet to find confirmation that Iran will impose a dress code for non-muslims. Iranian expiates living in Canada got word earlier this week the Iranian parliament passed a law that would require the country's Jews and Christians to wear colored badges to identify them and other religious minorities as non-Muslims. Christians would wear a red badge, blue for Zoroastrians and Jews would wear yellow. The law has to be approved by the grand ayatollah for it to go into effect. Just as the 1939 world community thought "we are a civilized people, this can't happen in the 20th century". Well here we are, a mere 67 years later and the world is again saying "we are a civilized people, this can't happen in the 21st century". Have we not learned our lesson?
I hope and pray the Iranian "nutter in chief" will come out and dispel the rumor, put the world at ease. His rhetoric seems to indicate the law will move forward. The world continues to dismiss Ahmadinijad, simply reporting the "crazy" statements then moving on to sports and weather. When he expressed denial of the Jewish genocide, threatened to eliminate the state of Israel and Iranian intentions to acquire entrance to the global nuclear club there is no universal outcry. It's easier to stick your head in the sand than to deal with the problem like we did when Hitler started to reveal his "final solution". Where is Kofi and the mighty UN? At what point does someone step in and end the madness?
The global community is silent again. Nuclear warheads capable of "wiping Israel off the map", another six million Jews amassed waiting to be murdered. Israel will not allow this to happen, never again!

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