Sunday, May 07, 2006

A few words to hamas, "Quit begging for money"

I panned this nugget from the "Palestine Monitor". A site dedicated to collecting news about the suffering of muslims living under Israeli occupation. I guess perception is everything. Obviously this site is palestinian friendly and, as with all stories, twist the facts to meet the desired "truth". In reading one such headline I found that the new hamas government workers were not being paid and "donations" from arab league member countries had fallen short of promised totals. It goes on to state $118 million is needed each month to pay wages to the 165,000 employees. Since being elected the hamas lead government has gone 1.3 billion dollars in debt.
Now, you don't need to read the whole thing to see the U.S. is the cause. Our policy to refuse aid to terrorist groups, not their inability to produce anything and create a GNP is the problem. When the only thing you produce and export is suicide bombers it don't take an economist to see you can't support a nation. The arab league is trying to play both sides of the fence, pledging to make payroll to the terrorist directly by side-stepping financial institutions that could be in breach of U.S. law.
I support the continued boycott of the terrorist regime. If arab countries support their anti-Israel charter let them feed, cloth and provide them schools and the various medical services. As we see not many oil rich nations are going to pony up the cash.

The palestinian people at this point must feel like prostitutes. They voted in a group that truly represent their views, making a public declaration of all that is islamic and the complete destruction if Israel. They do the islamic dirty work, every week sending young men to their deaths in an effort to murder Jews. Arab countries across the middle east applaud their success in private and encourage the continuation of martyrdom operations. But in public, palestinians are treated like a pariah by the arab world.

Just like the common street walker spotted in church by a former "John", he dares not acknowledge her or acceptance of her services..... Until he needs them.


Malott said...

Great post, Janice.

It's sad to see children suffer from their parent's evil stupidity. But our giving money to terrorists won't help their children; it will just prolong the evil and the suffering.

For some problems there just aren't any answers... at least none that we can administer.

SkyePuppy said...

Your comparison of the Palestinians to prostitutes isn't quite the right one. They're more like Arab women. They try to please the people in charge (even sending their sons to explode themselves), but when they get raped by the people around them, then they're called whores and left (or sent) to die.

The Palestinian people can't win--not because of America or Israel, but because of their own leadership that they thought might give them more power, but who betray them instead.

Prostitutes at least have a choice.

janice said...

I disagree. They had a choice, and choose hamas to lead them. Arafat was given a choice many times and refused peace. They were given a state in 1947 and choose to fight. Make no mistake, the choice is clear they want to destroy Israel.

Anonymous said...

Well said Janice. Like your previous post, they were given a state and arab nations around them told them to flee because of the invasion they were planning and then attacked Israel. If these arab nations wanted to be seen in the light of day with the palestinians why not make them citizens and end this perpetual refugee status they have enjoied since 1948?