Monday, March 27, 2006

UNC chapel Hill to hold vigil....for muslim students

While this incident has been pushed from the headlines, the students and faculty at UNC Chapel Hill are planning a candlelight vigil in support and solidarity for muslim students. I'm still waiting for CAIR to come out and condemn the act of the admitted terrorist. The fact this is just what I'd expect from the academic community doesn't make it proper and sane. The inhabitants of that scholarly society are so enlightened and above all the normal "anger" felt by us simple folk for such a heinous act, they resort to the typical blame the victim and praise the perpetrator. When will the vigil for the students that were run down take place? In my daily CAIR email, they encouraged attendance by all in the vicinity. More than likely to enhance the photo op that is sure to make all the evening broadcasts unlike the pathetic coverage the terrorist received.

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Malott said...

Well isn't that just so sophisticated of them. I like your point about showing no support for the victims. That probably didn't occur to them.

We must seem like such weak little push-overs to the Muslims in this country. Sad.