Friday, March 24, 2006

Anti-CAIR scores a victory

Sometimes good does triumph over evil. Andrew Whitehead, proprietor of the Anti-CAIR website, and CAIR settled a $1.35 million libel suit bringing an end to the two year battle. CAIR filed the libel suit because of posted statements on the web site. The decision to end the battle seems to stem from a request by Whiteheads defense team for documents, including financial statements that obviously would have been damaging to the muslim civil rights group. In June 2005, CAIR amended its suit by dropping its challenge to several of the statements, including the claim that the group was started by Hamas members and has received funds from terrorists.
The details of the settlement have not been made public, but I have a sinking feeling Hooper and his gang of terrorist thugs bit off a little more than they could chew and were unprepared to prove the statements false. By their own words, the statements posted by Whitehead are true. CAIR, like Saddam and Osama, believed the opposition would back down from their hollow threat. If every small town, school system and corporation could muster the courage to stand up to this organization, CAIR would find themselves out of business. In most cases, the treat of a law suit written on CAIR stationary is all it takes to bring about a reversal in our long standing traditions or forced sensitivity training. All these small victories for CAIR add up to mass casualties for America. This is a victory for America and those of us trying to expose CAIR and islam for what it is, an evil intolerant ideology.


SkyePuppy said...

You said it, Janice.

CAIR likes to posture as some kind of moderate, reasonable human-rights group that only wants fairness for everyone. But if anyone digs beneath the surface, the posturing is stripped away and their radical agenda is exposed.

Great post.

janice said...

Thanks for weighing in Skye. This organization needs to be exposed. Andrew Whitehead, Robert Spencer and Steven Emerson are just a few leading this fight.