Thursday, March 09, 2006

Americans have a negative perception of islam?

I post the header as a question, Americans have a negative perception of islam, because when I read the Washington Post poll results I was amazed at their surprise. They go on to outline their reasons why these results are higher than the poll taken a few months following 9/11. Of course they cite the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ports deal blocking by congress as the signs of growing islamophobia in America. What really stuck out and hit me in the face was this statement,

The poll found that nearly half of Americans -- 46 percent -- have a negative view of Islam, seven percentage points higher than in the tense months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, when Muslims were often targeted for violence.

When muslims were often targeted for violence? What violence? I think the American people acted in a dignified manner in light of the 3000 murders. We had 1 incident in the greater Cleveland area following the attacks. A man drove his car through the doors of a mosque. That's it! Nothing like the thug like, murderous behavior demonstrated in the muslim community when a koran is flushed, a mosque gets blown up (by other muslims) or the printing of a couple cartoons.

My daily CAIR email says education is the key to improving perceptions. Hummm... That's interesting because the more I learn about the RoP the more I see that the "radicals" are usually the true muslims, living what the koran says. Anyway, they go on to reveal the results of their poll.

An independent survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) shows that some one-fourth (23 to 27 percent) of Americans consistently believe stereotypes such as: "Muslims value life less than other people," and "The Muslim religion teaches violence and hatred." Those with the most negative attitudes toward Islam tended to be older, less-educated and politically conservative.

This is typical blame the victim. The islamic faith is simply misunderstood (by old, stupid republicans.)

I suppose when your fellow believers are active in the production of infidel snuff films, homicide bombings and determined to wipe Israel off the map the stigma is a bit tough to overcome. Even among old, stupid republicans.


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Right on!

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Great post!

And CAIR finds more sympathetic attitudes among liberals because liberals, like Muslims, don't like this country.

Were we supposed to be surprised?

Jancan, you do a great job on your blog. It has become a habit of mine.

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