Friday, March 31, 2006

Old & New Testament to be taught in Georgia HS's

Lawmakers in Georgia approved a bill that will fund classes in high school teaching the old and new testaments. The classes will be electives and not required and is not intended to indoctrinate students with, heaven forbid, a devotional religion. I suspect these classes will be very popular and years from now the rates of crime, teen pregnancy and drug use will be lower in relation to the rest of the country. This is a much needed program and I hope the rest of the nation will follow suit. What grounds will the opposition have to these types of course selection? The Bible has been a best seller for centuries and was, for most early Americans, the only book a household owned. It has influenced most of the western world and is the basis for our laws. Early American schools used the bible to teach reading and the queens English. Today when California students are required to take arabic names, fast for ramadan, wear jihadi head bands and greet each other with "assalam aleikoom" fellow muslims it's quite refreshing for Judeo-Christian values to be legitimized.

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