Monday, March 06, 2006

Holland to return Iranian gays and Christian converts

And we all know what sharia law says about gays and converts from islam. Check it, an expat website reports on the "about face" by Dutch immigration minister Rita Verdonk. This action will surely end in a death sentence for those (gays and converts from islam) being repatriated in Iran. I'll have to dig deeper into this one, just 6 months ago she had refused to send gay aslylum seekers back because 2 homosexuals had been executed. Could it be she is willing to sacrifice a few in an effort to bring this practice out in the open, bring it to the worlds attention as it were? Or, could it be Rita has been tipped off to a new chapter in the jihadi play book..... Ahmed goes to land of the infidels, pretends to be Christian or gay, seek asylum. Play the victim and no one will dig to deep into your jihadi past. I don't put anything past the RoP.

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