Friday, August 07, 2009; I turned myself in....

I wanted to let my fellow bloggers know that I may mysteriously disappear some time soon. I turned myself in to Ms. Douglass' goons as an opponent to BHO's "deathcare" plan. In addition to sending them the two pictures above, this is what I wrote in my confession email to;
To whom it may

I want to turn myself in as an
opponent to the obama health care plan. Here's my blog and I oppose EVERY THING obama and his thugs want to push down
the throats of it's citizens!

thanks for nothing!
Janice Cxxxxxxxxx

I've also instructed Nick to deny any knowledge of my being when the secret service come to take me away. I'll keep you posted on my journey......


Malott said...


I will visit you in the gulag.

janice said...

Thanks Chris.

Could bring me some chocolates so I can buy myself some "protection"?

Dinah Lord said...

I'd bring a carton of cigs to you, Miss J, but I'm afraid I'm going to be sitting there right next to you.

I turned myself in too. I even included a little non-pc joke in my self snitch, so you know I'm in trouble. Here's the joke. (Silly):

Q: What did the blind man say when he walked past the FISH market?

A: "Good morning, ladies."

I'm thinking that between the fish pics (truly awesome), the non pc joke and my tangling with a moonbat, they'll be sending us BOTH to the reeducation camps first.

(GREAT post. You are so clever!)

janice said...

Well I hope they put us in the same cell. I'm sure we could get a sympathetic judge to arrange it for us.

Can you imagine the trouble we'll cause in the "joint" if we were locked up together?

I feel sorry for Nick and the "L&M"!

janice said...

And by means, pack the cigs....

Dinah Lord said...

We'd be tearing it up, Girlfriend!