Monday, August 24, 2009

The first road trip for the Corvette

A very single, very thin 25 year old Janice. Just before Gennie and Lee's wedding service. 1991

Circa 1995, just before my marriage to Nick. My first house in Cleveland.

Matrix Christmas Party 1995

A visit to their Charlotte, NC home with Megan, their daughter. Circa 1999

Vegas Baby! Circa 2002

Vegas AGAIN! Circa 2003

Visitng her NEW Charlotte, NC home. Circa 2002

A visit to my second Cleveland home. Circa 2000

Speed Street in downtown Charlotte. May 2002 And yes, we had race tickets too!

And our last trip to Vegas this past January for her wedding to Eric

Well loyal readers, this blogger is taking the Corvette on her first road trip to the Palmetto State. I’m leaving in the morning for Columbia, SC and Nick will join me on Thursday, after he secures boarding for Hershey at Eddy’s house.

My best girlfriend is turning “the-big-four-OH” on Thursday. A group of us girls are going-out-on-the-town on “her day” and a big party will be held on Saturday, with about 50 family and friends.

Gennie and I have been friends since 1991. Well, that’s not really true. I was friends with her fiancĂ©e for about a year before their wedding. And I must say, it was the ABSOLUTE best reception I’ve ever attended. But I digress. Lee, my friend and her betrothed, invited me to their wedding.

Even though Gennie also worked at Matrix Essentials I had yet to meet her. And let me tell you, it was not my best first impression or hers either. A few months after the wedding Gennie was promoted to a compounding clerk position, the same position I held about 10 months before I was promoted to chemical receiving clerk. Compounding (the mixing area) and chemical receiving always had issues keeping inventory straight so you can kinda see where I’m I going with this. We found each other out in the warehouse trying to reconcile the same chemical discrepancy. Gennie defending the compounders and me defending my receiving crew. One thing led to another and Gennie said “I’m not intimidated by you like all the compounding guys are, Bit*h! Well, I’m not going to tell you what was said next. It contains much more colorful language not suitable for this blog. And we walked away.

Later during lunch, me, being the bigger person (and not wanting to be summoned to HR for my attitude, again) sat down and ate lunch with my warehouse nemesis and made amends. And we’ve been best friends ever since.

We’ve shared so much, been there for each other and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. We are polar opposites on a lot of issues from raising children, religion (I’m still working on her) and running a household. But we are like “yin and yang” and compliment each other when we’re together. And we keep each other out of trouble.

So, I’m sure I have lots of pictures to post and some stories to tell once I return next week.


Dinah Lord said...

Ooh, I could kiss your sweet face twinny!

Hope your road trip is fantastic. I wish I could be a little mouse in the glove box!

Have fun, fun, fun and post lots of pics.

(I just returned from my NOLA road trip Sunday nite).

Travel safe!

Dinah Lord said...

P.S. Don't you love road trips?

Tsofah said...

Sounds like a great time!