Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dinah Lord is making NEWS!

It seems my blogging twinster, Dinah Lord, has been busy during her summer hiatus. Here we have Ms. Lord gracing the pages of the Denver Post demonstration style metro section outside a clinic for the homeless awaiting the arrival of the pineapple princess Nancy Pelosi.

Dinah gives us all the details of her adventure here and a great video montage of her day of protest in Denver. No, Dinah didn't go down without a fight!


Dinah Lord said...

Oh honey - you are hysterical!

I had completely spaced about La Pelosi being known as The Pineapple Princess. Dang! I would have brought a pineapple along and waved it around! (You can bet that moonbat would have gotten it upside the head if I had. Hmm. Can you be arrested for assault with a deadly pineapple?)

Thanks for the link love, my friend.

janice said...

Oh Dinah you had me laughing so hard when I read your comments on your photo montage!

I'm very impressed with your activism and right now there's no better cause than defeating this deathcare bill.

Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere!

janice said...

OMG, "assault with a deadly pineapple"!!!!

I believe when all the facts were put out there and with the "right" judge you'd get off in a New York minute.

Dinah Lord said...

Thanks for the sweet welcome, Miss J. This comes to you from Wichita Falls Tx enroute to NOLA. I'm back on semi-hiatus but can you believe that witch Nancy Pelosi was back in Denver today at the same clinic? She has some damn nerve.

How about you? Are you going to get in any Obamacare action? I thought I heard that there was some kind of event in Columbus today and thought about you!

Hope all is well!