Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hillary comes unglued in the Congo

I hope she gets this snippy with the islam-o-fascists bent on our destruction.

**Maybe it's the polyester, someone should have told her that she'd be more comfortable in cotton.

HatTip; Debbie Schlussel


SkyePuppy said...

Oh my goodness, she looks terrible. And what ANGER! It's a good thing she and Bill are never in the same town together. He'd be dead (probably by poisoning is my guess) in no time.

SkyePuppy said...

You saw where they're blaming this on the translator? It seems the questioner wanted to know what Obama, not Bill, thought. Maybe the Congolese word for husband is the same as the word for Messianic Leader.

janice said...

"Maybe the Congolese word for husband is the same as the word for Messianic Leader." Oh my goodness, that really made me laugh!

I can't believe how quickly she turned hostle. I think all the attention Bill recieved for rescuing the 2 girls from North Korea is creeping it's way under her skin.

Malott said...

This woman is NOT happy in her new job. Recently she was convinced that she would be running our government as president... And now she is overlooked, powerless, and gets no respect.

Soon she will be looking for power elsewhere.

Malott said...

And Janice, you are spot-on about her resentment of Bill's latest coup.

Dinah Lord said...


Obama has completely marginalized her while Bill swans around the globe and looking like a superstat. You just know that's got to be KILLING her.

To add insult to injury, there she was, jet lagged and sweaty, stuck off in some third world shi& hole while Bill's in Vegas celebrating his birthday and living it up with his cronies and Lord only knows how many show girls.

Then to get that question?

You know that really had to chap her hide! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!