Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CAIR; A little of this, A little of that

The whine-o-grams have been thin in content the past couple weeks, but that doesn’t mean the unindicted terror coconspirators haven’t been busy. Busy trying to drum-up monetary support for their “share the quran” program. In a July 23rd email appeal for cash, Nihad Awad asks the ummah “why are qurans waiting in a D.C. warehouse?” and the answer is money. Since the project was launched only 1500 korans have been subsidized while tens-of-thousands of korans are in need of sponsorship. $120,000.00 is needed to “successfully complete the first phase of this important effort” claims Awad. “If you donate today, the Qurans can be in the hands of opinion leaders by the holy terror month Ramadan, the month of the Quran.”

You can see from the screen shot at the top of this post just how much progress CAIR has made in reaching their quran sponsoring goal. The progress meter is between zero and ten thousand dollars.

In other CAIR news;

On July 11 the San Diego Public Library was host to a lecture titled “ISLAMOPHOBIA: American Islamic Issues Discussed from a Post-September 11 Perspective” by Edgar Hopida. Hopida is CAIR’s San Diego chapter PR director. Do you think this was an impartial presentation? Me neither.

Well, the unindicted terror coconspirators had their panties in a bunch and issued action alert #586 when SD Public Library advertised a lecture by Michael Hayutin, the local director of Act! For America. The presentation titled; Radical Islam Discussed from a Post-September 11 Perspective was advertised the same way Hopida’s presentation was advertised.

In a letter to library director, Deborah Barrow, Edgar Hopida and CAIR’s concern was over taxpayer’s money being used to promote the presentation. After the usual CAIR character assassination of Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! For America, and tactfully pointing out how CAIR successfully forced a Texas library to ban (what CAIR deemed) an anti-islamic group from meeting, Hopida stated; “Because we are strong defenders of the First amendment right to free speech, even the bigoted speech offered by groups such as Act! for America, we do not ask that the presentation be canceled.”

“Instead, we respectfully request that the San Diego Public Library withdraw its sponsorship of the event so that local taxpayers are not made unwittingly complicit in the promotion of hatred and bigotry. We also ask that a representative from the San Diego Muslim community be permitted to offer accurate and balanced information about Islam to those attending the event.”

It’s quite ironic that no one made a request to represent an opposing viewpoint during Hopida’s July 11th lecture. And no one came forward to express apprehension over the library’s promotion of such an event. Both events were promoted using the same San Diego Public Library letterhead. The hypocrisy of this group never ceases to amaze me.

***Update; SkyePuppy asked in the comment section if the San Diego Public Library caved to CAIR pressure. I'm happy to say that they did not cave. In this UPI article the library said "it is simply publicizing Hayutin's lecture as it would any public event."


SkyePuppy said...

So did the San Diego Public Library hold both events as planned? Or did they cave under CAIR's pressure?

janice said...

I'm sorry Skye, both events were held. SDPL did NOT cave to the pressure. In fact the director said; "The library said it is simply publicizing Hayutin's lecture as it would any public event."

Here's the link;