Friday, June 12, 2009

Catching up.....

Where have I been and what I've been up to....well loyal readers I been cultivating my new blog.

It features photos I've taken around Columbus and on various road trips to Cleveland and Cincinnati.

My new blog is "The View From Here, Columbus Daily Photo" and it's linked to City Daily Photo and Around The World, both of which feature photo blogs. The above picture was a painstaking, labor of love. I had to wait patiently for over 45 minutes and I snapped over 65 bad pictures before I caught the lightning loop.
Now that my photo blog has been up and running for a while I can focus on my whine-o-grams.


Lisa said...

Hi Janice, long time no talk! I've missed you and have rarely been checking email.

Consequently, I completely missed coming over here until now! I love your daily photos. That lightening scared me a little though! We had severe tornado warnings and spotted tornadoes last night. Luckily, none touched down though the funnel clouds were spotted 5 minutes away.

Coincidentally, I just read about that 10 year old in Indiana dying after being struck by lightening while fishing at 3 am....and so I'm glad you were able to get close enough for this great shot, but that your ok! Can't wait to see more great pics, you guys have actual weather and seasons over there!

janice said...

Hi Lisa, hope all is well with you and your son.

I was able to capture the lightning from the safety of my bedroom. It was raining cat-n-dogs and I couldn't stay dry enough to see anything.

Yes, we do have all 4 seasons here in Ohio. I love winter, though. It's my favorite.

lurker in columbus said...
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Lisa said...

Oh thank goodness! I was worried about you out there in an open field trying to brave it for the photo :)

This rainy weather recently has been strange. And I would love to see a White Christmas :) Love you lots sweetie!

Tsofah said...

Cool pic!