Saturday, June 27, 2009

This just in....

Giggles' Cairo speech to the muslim world has prompted CAIR to offer korans to 100,000 American leaders.....

The whine-o-gram media advisory was jubilant in its announcement to the faithful. Calling it a "Major educational initiative prompted by president’s quoting of Islam’s revealed text". Isn't that what we all wanted in an American president?

Executive director Nihad Awad said; "When he quoted the Koran on the fundamental values we share such as sanctity of human life, racial diversity, importance of speaking the truth, we believe it was a surprise to many people not familiar with Islam,"

*Janice's translation; Obama showed the whole world how submissive, weak and passive this nation will be in the face of terrorism. Or any threat for that matter.

The Washington Post reports these free books, to be given to elected officials, will be paid for by the muslim representative who is giving the book. The expensive copy cost $78 and those who'll be handing them out are asked to pay $45 per book given.

*Editors note; Are members of the RoP going to claim that CAIR is to big to fail? According to my math, CAIR will need 7.8 million dollars to have enough korans in stock to give away. Even if their reps pay for all the korans they plan to leave with government officials, at a cost of 4.5 million, CAIR is looking at a deficit of 3.3 million. Maybe Larry Shaw and Keith Ellison added some pork hummus to a one of these 900 page bills the house and senate are so keen on passing. I'm just sayin'....

Yes my fellow kafirs, education is the answer. And according to islam all those answers are contained in the koran.


Lisa said...

I just wonder if these elected officials even want these Qur'ans? I personally wouldn't feel like paying $45 dollars if I was say, Orrin Hatch! And also why isn't anyone speaking out about potential blood on senator's hands. They get this Qur'an, maybe CAIR profits, and gives the money to state sponsors of terrorism.

But, you know I say go for it Janice. These elected officials are going to open the Qur'an and get bored REALLY quick, since it's all repetition without a lot of substance.

It was meant to be that way, so that a reader would be lulled into believing that having Adam's name repeated exactly 25 times, would seem to make it more real. Uh huh.

Thanks for filling me in on the goings-on with CAIR. Too bad everyone just seems to want to report on Michael JAckson instead!

janice said...

Thanks Lisa, blood on their hands is a very real threat at this point. I'm inclined to believe CAIR will receive supplemental funds to offset their loss. All of course under the ruse of "bridge building" and promoting tolerance.

I'd bet the farm that Giggles will be forking over funds to support this terrorist effort.