Friday, June 19, 2009

Whine-O-Gram Round-Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a whine-o-gram round-up. So let's get on with it, shall we? Sure!

First up we have this pathetic, one sentence response to the shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. In a statement, issued at 4:15pm on 6/10/09, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said:

“We condemn this apparent bias-motivated attack and stand with the Jewish community and with Americans of all faiths in repudiating the kind of hatred and intolerance that can lead to such disturbing incidents.”

WOW, sounds like one of those “strongly-worded-statements” released by the UN, and it had the same impact. Unbelievable!

Suppression of free speech in the islamic state of Michigan!

A federal judge denies a Christian group's request for permission to hand out literature on sidewalks at this years arab festival in Detroit. An arabic Christian group sued the city of Detroit claiming the city is violating its free speech and religious rights.

The group, Arabic Christian Perspective, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Detroit, alleging its rights were violated when Dearborn police told the group its members would not be able to walk freely through the festival's four- to five-block area passing out literature promoting Christianity over islam. Organizers want to confine the group to a designated area, the lawsuit said. The group, which conducts similar efforts nationwide, wants 90 volunteers to have unlimited access throughout the festival, which runs Friday through Sunday..... Richard Thompson, an attorney for the group, said Arabic Christian Perspective has been passing out literature at the festival for the past five years without incident.

U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds, while burning the constitution, denied the group’s request for permission to distribute literature at the arab festival. Going a step further, in true CAIR character assassination fashion, OC Weekly tries to discredit Arabic Christian Perspectives by accusing the group's founder George Saieg and an associate, Robert Morey (author of Islam Unveiled; The True Desert Storm, and many other books), of “islam-bashing”.

Finally we have CAIR New York welcoming the city council vote on muslim holidays in schools.
(NEW YORK, NY, 6/18/09) - The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) today joined a coalition of community organizations in welcoming the passage of a resolution by a **committee of the city council that calls for adding Muslim holidays to the school calendar.

**Editors note; First of all we need to clarify what actually passed. This was a vote by a city council committee, not the city council itself. Secondly, if this passes the New York City school calendar will include an extra two holidays that less than 13% of the student body will celebrate.

Resolution 1281, passed overwhelmingly by the New York City Council Education Committee, calls on the “New York City Department of Education to incorporate the Muslim holidays of Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha as observed school holidays in the school calendar for the city school district of the city of New York” and also asks that the state legislature “pass, and the Governor to sign into law, A.8108/S.5837, an Act to amend the education law, in relation to requiring that Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha be school holidays in the city school district of the city of New York.”

If this passes, do you think goats and sheep will be brought in to the class rooms to demonstrate the proper halal slaughtering process? Seriously, the passage of this resolution will lead to mandatory fasting and halal menu issues forcing the 87%, non-muslim student body to submit comply. And no, Kosher and halal are not the same, just ask Moses.


An important update for the ummah……

For those muslim hipsters, CAIR is now on Facebook and Twitter. For the jihadist muslim on the go, you can now receive CAIR updates via Twitter. And if you’re looking to add friends to your Facebook account, I’m sure CAIR would love to be your comrade.


Tsofah said...


Do they (New York School System)have the holidays of Chanukkah or Purim or Feast of Tabernacles integrated into their curriculum?

If not - this is showing a preference of religion, something that violates the first amendment!

Lisa said...

And what about Kwanzaa, Janice and Tsofah? Or at this rate when are we going to add Wiccan holidays to the mix?

I am absolutely disgusted. What are they going to do next? Force the kids to do a play where they do Islamic prayers, and have a niqaabi little girl as the heroine trying to prove that veiling the face is normal? I LOVED your comment about the halal slaughter which is torturous to watch Janice.

The poor Holocaust victim was totally lost in the headlines, especially after that Neda girl was killed in Iran. So sad. Doubtful it would have been like that if it was a Muslim who was killed....