Sunday, May 03, 2009

What was Giggles thinkin'?

To live through the attack on the homeland and choosing to remain in New York City is surely a lesson in the perseverance of the human condition. Then our nation elects a man who can’t keep track of his plane? Personally, I think this was a deliberate act by Giggles.
Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, has some questions and some comments about the “secret mission”;
“According to the official reports of this incident, Louis E. Caldera, director of the White House Military Office, “approved” this “mission” the previous week and has now fallen on his sword, taking full responsibility for this ill-conceived plan. Also according to official reports, commander -in-chief Barack Hussein Obama apparently did not know about the plan in advance, and only learned of the fallout from this event Monday afternoon, more than a few hours after the event. Nonetheless, he too is reportedly angry over the angst caused by this “mission”.
” Although I do not doubt the sheer stupidity and narcissism of political hacks inside the beltway, the “official line” has as many gaping holes as the U.S.-Mexican border. Apparently, the majority of the media continue to be too entranced by their infatuation with their American idol of a president to see the absurdity of this story and contradictions concerning this event. As usual, no one in the media is asking pertinent questions, and they sure aren’t demanding answers. So, please allow me: Click here for his probing questions.

Once hysteria spread throughout Manhattan, Giggles claimed “It was a mistake as was stated. It was something we found out about it along with all of you, and it will not happen again.” WHAT? It’s like he’s a teenager promising to be home before curfew.

Watching Giggles, (and he was grinning from big ear to big ear) assure the American public “it will not happen again” does not lower my BP.

So, Giggles comes out and feigns outrage over this “mistake” then does a 180 and “explains” the reason for the lower Manhattan fly-over. Yeah, he wanted some pictures of his plane and Lady Liberty.

Like everything else in this open and honest administration, why the cover-up? And I’d like some answers….


Tsofah said...

If I were POTUS, I'd be firing my PR director over this stunt.

janice said...

Agreed, heads would roll....

Dinah Lord said...

What happened to that "White House investigation into the matter" that was announced with much fanfare and hullabaloo????

And you would have thought the MSM would have asked about this at that big hoopdedo 100 day press conference, as opposed to waxing poet about Obama's enchantment with the office, wouldn't you?

But nooooooo.

We're surrounded by knaves and fools.