Tuesday, May 05, 2009

CAIR lackey, moon-bat reporter, questions Hasner

I just opened yesterday’s whine-o-gram and the CAIR assault on free speech continues. Representative Adam Hasner is no stranger to CAIR as I’ve highlighted here and here.

Now we have some twit reporter whose world view is one of tolerance, moral equivalence and, in my opinion, anti-Americanism. Francis’ article, Dear Rep. Adam Hasner, first compliments Hasner calling him an “eminent statesman”. With those pleasantries out of the way Francis then recounts the ummah victimhood mantra against Wilders.

Francis questions whether Hasner shares Wilders “anti-islamic” views and asks if he is indeed a “friend” as quoted by Wilders. Blah, blah, blah.

Reporter, Tom Francis, responds to commenter’s who question his first amendment beliefs; "And you question my belief in free speech? Because I've devoted my professional career to its cause?"

OK, I get it now. Only the views of the liberal ilk are worthy of being heard. Hey Francis, get down off your high horse before you’re the one falling down. If Francis is condemning Hasner for the company he’s keeping, I have this question; who are you in bed with?

Let’s face it; Francis is able to publish his beliefs/opinions sans repercussion. Reporters are free, in this great country, to spew their views in every rag nationwide. The industry has lost its way, no longer reporting the news with an unbiased eye.

What would happen if Francis’ reporting/views were suddenly deemed anti-islamic? How would he feel about his right to say what he believes? Free speech is quickly becoming an entity of the left.

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Dinah Lord said...

And did you hear about the latest hate crime legislation making it's way through the house?

Pedophiles are covered, Soldiers aren't.

So not only are they criminalizing free speech, they are creating a victim class.

Something's got to give here.