Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I came across the following video produce by David Horowitz Freedom Center. It's extremely graphic and describes the abuse women have suffered at the hands of those faithful followers of the RoP.

I find it most disturbing that NOW, Code Pinko, even those "towers of moral clarity" at the UN turn a blind eye while such abuses continue unmolested (pun intended).

The islam-o-scumbags we're fighting abroad and in the west, have made their intentions clear. And those liberal independant "boobs" (pun intended) associated with the above organizations will be first in line if these terrorists had their way.


Tsofah said...

It amazes me that this is the sort of thing our administration seems to turn a blind eye to while shaking hands with those who perform these atrocities

Dinah Lord said...

Hard to know what to say after watching that, Miss J. You are right about those so called feminist organizations - if it isn't about having sex and their 'reproductive rights' (aka killing babies) they could give a rip. All those caring liberals out there only care about themselves. Hopefully, they will wake up before it's too late. (I doubt it.)

janice said...

Tsofah, I agree but I'm not surprised. The BHO administration is all about moral relativism. So they're no better or worse than Americans.

janice said...

Dinah, I became ill, it sickened me and I've seen much more horiffic scenes at the hands of the RoP.

The lack of concern by these "keep-your-hands-off-my-uterus" snakes is what made me sick.