Monday, May 11, 2009

CAIR target; Steven Emerson.....again

Once again we have CAIR on the attack (I know, you’re all surprised). The chosen target is no stranger to CAIR, enter Steven Emerson. In this CAIR Chicago article the “islamophobe and career hatemonger” is assaulted for an this Emerson IPT article published by the Hudson Institute. CAIR didn’t address, as is their hallmark, the assertions made by Emerson, rather CAIR engaged in character assassination.

The CAIR article (only published on their site as far as I could see) seems to “break down” Emerson’s assertions when in fact it’s smoke and mirrors. While seeming to “address” the claims CAIR takes the reader on this lengthy and turbulent ride, while not outright lying, devoid of many facts.

I’m not going to dissect the articles, I’ve read them both many times and can assure you CAIR hasn’t addressed the claims. Again, as is their MO, donning the cloak of victimhood and skirting around the issues leaving the (RoP faithful) readers sympathetic to their plight.

Emerson has been reporting on the islamic threat to the west, especially here in America, for almost 2 decades. The credibility CAIR claims Emerson is lacking is a self portrait. Steven Emerson has never been an “unindicted coconspirator”, the same cannot be said for the self-appointed American muslim mouthpiece.


Dinah Lord said...

Those unindicted co-conspirators sure do go on, don't they?

Their attempt to smear Emerson is pathetic. What a bunch of malarkey and bs. OTOH Steve Emerson has Ms. Abraham dead to rights.

(And what's up with all those little question marks in the article at their site?)

janice said...

Oh DL you have no idea....

I've been compliling stats and numbers on how many RoP faithful have left the organization. Bringing Larry Shaw on to replace Omar is supposed to move them into the mainstream. NOT going to happen. Should post it in a few days.

I think all the "?" is their attemp to "breakdown" the Emerson points. More smoke and mirrors...

Lisa said...

When is CAIR going to finally throw in the towel? It's not like anyone's doing anything worthwhile over there. I love how they alway bring out a "mega-hot" non-bearded fair-skinned guy for their pathetic pr drives. So we can try to believe they are not terrorists.

I loved that they couldn't touch Michael Savage. And that a really liberal judge had no fear of free speech being upheld. And that CAIR didn't get Savage to pay it's attorney fees.

An awesome blog Janice:

They'll never stop these attacks against Emerson, Savage, etc. It's really the only way to get any funding. Sadly, all of the terrorist organizations they normally received funding from have gone into hiding or have been ratted out.

We will win the battle. Albeit slowly.

janice said...

So true Lisa, so true.

Tsofah said...

You know, with everything going on in the world, you'd think CAIR would have better things to do with their money and their time.

The Muslims have so many nations of their own to choose from and live in, why do they have to pick on MY free country? I say let them go somewhere else if they don't like it here.

Sorry, I know, it's politically correct. But I just get so tired of all this!

janice said...

I agree with you Tsofah.

But their goal is complete submission, conversion or death of the west.

SkyePuppy said...

Dennis Prager breaks down the battle into 3 opposing camps:

1. The Judeo-Christian value system (traditional America)

2. European-style secularism (where the American Left is trying to take us)

3. Islamo-fascist global caliphate

The Left dismisses number 3 at the same time it joins/uses it as an additional weapon against us. But if they defeat us, the Left is toast against the onslaught of the ummah.