Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whine-O-Gram Action Alert 574

Adam Hasner is in the CAIR crosshairs again. This time for leaving the House floor before a muslim prayer.

The unindicted terror coconspirator issued “Action Alert” #574 (as of this posting, AA 574 has not been posted). This comes on the heels of last week’s condemnation of Hasner’s sponsorship of the “Free Speech Summit” held in Delray Beach, Florida.

When the current session of the Florida House of Representatives opened, Representative Jim Waldman (D - Coconut Creek) invited Qasim Ahmed to give the invocation. Ahmed is an imam from Tampa’s Islamic Learning Institute and was the first muslim to deliver the session opening prayer for the Florida House. Ahmed Bedier, former CAIR officer now director of Voices of America, was there to capture the historic event.

Hasner said he left the floor for “personal” reasons and Bedier offered this; “We did notice Hasner’s empty chair. That’s definitely noticed”. Did Bedier question Representative Hasner? It’s highly doubtful.

I would have walked out as well, as Americans we have that right. I do not “respect” islam, I tolerate those who wish to practice their religious freedom worshiping a cult. I extend the same respect extended by the ummah. I do not believe islam, as they claim, is a continuation of the Abrahamic faiths. But I digress.

CAIR and Bedier’s Voices of America have one agenda, to promote sharia and islam in America. To silence opposition and deem any critique of islam hate speech.

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