Thursday, April 02, 2009

CAIR steps to new low...

And links to a “wonkette” article in yesterday’s whine-o-gram. The unindicted terror coconspirator must be scraping the bottom-of-the-barrel in an attempt to expose islamophobia in the heartland.

The posting uncovered a non-news item regarding the republican primary candidate, Rosanna Pulido, in the special election for Rahm Emanuel’s congressional seat. The non-news item reports on the outing of Pulido as a Free Republic poster/commenter named “ChicagoLady”. Thus taking her comments from Free Republic and shinning a racist light on them.

**I’m not linking to the site, you can google it if you like**

I’m still not quite sure what this has to do with CAIR, muslim civil rights or islamic discrimination. Maybe CAIR wanted to highlight the fact that this “racist” is a republican……

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