Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Northeast Intelligence Network; Part 1 a must read!

The staff at Northeast Intelligence Network has an excellent post I came across today. It’s the first of a series and a must read for those who want to keep this nation safe.

They continue to investigate the islamic training camps, the same ones that I posted here, and here 3 years ago. NIN has been on this organization from the beginning.

Here's a snippet from their article;

Part I: The run-up to urban warfare & a warning of coming attacks

Since 2004, investigators of the Northeast Intelligence Network have been performing an extensive investigation and surveillance operation of the activities of Jamaat ul Fuqra, an Islamic terrorist group that is currently active and operational across the US and Canada. The
findings of our investigation and surveillance operations are as extensive as they are disturbing.

This organization of Muslim terrorists are actively training for urban warfare, infiltrating our government institutions, securing positions of public trust, and raising substantial sums of money through a wide range of white collar criminal activity and Islamic charities which is being funneled to terrorist kingpin Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani in Pakistan. The money is used for terrorist operations and organizational advancement. From their US headquarters in rural Delaware county, New York at the base of the Catskills where recruitment is brisk, especially from within our prison system, they have also reinforced their operations into Mexico, Latin America, the Virgin Islands, and elsewhere. Their primary focus, however, remains the US and Canada, and their targets are both religious and secular in nature, with emphasis on the former. Such targets include Jews and Christians, churches and synagogues, and perhaps most insidiously, our schools and school children. The latter will be for psychological effect.

Need I say you should read it all...

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Dinah Lord said...

We be reading this for sure, Miss J.
Thanks for the heads up!