Friday, April 24, 2009

What's happening to this nation?

The imbeciles on the left have elected a narcissist with a fire, ready, aim national security policy. Cozying up to dictators and alienating our allies, the closing of GITMO to suspending the enhanced interrogation of terrorists, Obama seems to be focusing on preserving the rights of radicals and not the safety of Americans. The repercussions of such actions aren’t up for debate.

Upon completion of his “Apology Tour of the America’s” the Obama administration felt compelled to release intelligence memos detailing the interrogation methods used by the Bush administration. Showing the world how far we’d go to keep our country safe. The islamo-scumbags hell bent on our destruction must be laughing their turbans off right now.

Have we forgotten how American and coalition forces, contractors or media reporters are treated when captured by the terrorists? Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Paul Johnson, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley are all victims of the religion of peace. Or should I say religion of pieces….

Now the president has opened the door for AG Holder to prosecute those who “formulated those legal decisions”. For an incoming administration to indict the former administration over policy dispute sets a reckless prescient. For Obama this move seems to be aimed at satisfying the far-left fringe, specifically George Soros and his newly created Commission on Accountability. Soros bought and paid for the democratic party, and he’s bankrolling the call for this “torture” investigation.

Soros’ Open Society Institute issued an email to supporters on Wednesday announcing the creation of this new organization, the Commission on Accountability. The email asked followers for signatures petitioning the president to "establish an independent, non-partisan commission to examine and report publicly on torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of detainees in the period since September 11, 2001."

This organization, created by Soros’ and his Open Society Institute, is only in existence to destroy America. Period....

Obama announced the suspension of these policies, and like closing GITMO, he has no idea what to do now. The army field manual just won’t get the job done. He’s put {prosecutorial} fear, not in our enemies, but rather those tasked with our security. So long aggressive investigation.

Ensuring the rights of suspected terrorists seems to be more important than the safety of the American people.


Dinah Lord said...

How screwed are we, Miss J?

janice said...

Completely screwed, Dinah.