Friday, March 20, 2009

TARGET; Cleveland Hopkins Airport in CAIR crosshairs

It seems my hometown, Cleveland Ohio, will soon be forced to march in dhimmitude lockstep. C-Land will be in good company joining the Twin Cities and Columbus to name a few that I've highlighted.

A whine-O-gram sent yesterday containing “Action Alert” #570 details the plight muslim cabbies are facing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. CAIR is playing the race card, claiming muslims are being targeted based on their religion. The islamic hoopla is over the “unreasonable directive” that restricts muslim cabbies from leaving their cab in the taxi queue to enter the public restrooms to perform “wudu” and then lay down a rug for prayers.

CAIR has yet to post a link to action alert 570 as of this blog post, so I'll copy the whine-o-gram text here;


#570:Action: Support Ohio Muslim Cabbies’ Religious
RightsContact Cleveland mayor to urge reasonable religious

(CLEVELAND, OH, 3/19/09) - The Cleveland chapter of the
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Cleveland) is calling on members of
the Muslim community and other people of conscience to contact the mayor of that
city to voice concerns about a recently-issued policy directive that prohibits
Muslim cab drivers from praying at Hopkins International Airport while waiting
for fares in the taxi queue.

Other policy directives ban the drivers from using airport
restrooms to make ritual ablutions (wudu) and from praying in the airport chapel
while on the job.

The latest (March 13, 2009) directive states in part: Cab
drivers observed ‘praying’ in the queue by the cab starter may be sent out for
the day. Cab drivers observed moving another’s cab to enable ‘praying’ will be
considered in violation of the ASV (Airport Security Violation) Policy and
subject to the ASV reinstatement procedure and possible permanent banning from
picking up fares at CLE.”

The drivers claim that if they must exit the queue in order
to pray they will suffer significant loss of access to fares, forcing them to
choose between their faith and their livelihood.

Somali and other immigrant taxi owners and drivers have
faced an uphill battle to maintain operations at the airport. The drivers and
owners say they are being unfairly ticketed by police officers who they allege
impose tickets and fines selectively.

**Sounds like a security issue to me. An international airport can't afford to have 20 to 30 empty, idling taxi's lined up at the airport entrance.

But what do I know, (Me, I'm just a lawnmower - you can tell me by the way I walk)


Malott said...


It's definitely a security issue.

So the Muslims create an atmosphere that demands heightened security and then they don't want to follow the rules of heightened security.

Dinah Lord said...

Good choice of tunes, Miss J.

It was good to have something to enjoy when my blood pressure soared reading your post.

I hope you will do some digging and give us some insight into the key players leading the charge on this. You know there's a radical Islamist mosque in the woodpile somewhere.

I found it interesting that the whine-o-gram mentioned the Somalis. Wasn't Cleveland one of the cities mentioned as being investigated in the Lost Boys of Minneapolis case in March 8th's congressional hearing? It was cited in a Catherine Herridge report on FNC last night. (I've got a pile of stuff to read from the hearing just haven't got around to it yet.)

I would bet cash money that CAIR has a list of airports and is just going around the country picking them off like low hanging fruit.

If it's March it must be Cleveland.

lurker in columbus said...
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janice said...

Chris, the minute I read that these cabbies want to leave their taxi's I thought of car bombs ala Glasgow.

You're exactly correct, Chris.
The fear of islamic terror was created by muslims and for CAIR to not see the obvious and to demand special rights based on this same religion is an outrage.

Yet, CAIR says "Muslim Americans continue to be a positive and stabilizing force in keeping our nation safe and secure from acts of violence and foreign threats."

They know exactly what they're doing.

janice said...

I thought Cleveland was mentioned in connection to the "Lost Boys" case. I do know Cleveland is one city on the list of possible future terror attacks.

The Cleveland islamic center is the former home to deported terror suporter and friend of Sami al Arian, the imam Fawaz Damra. Yes, Cleveland is another hotbed of activity.

Christina said...

You know, this has nothing to do with religious freedom. The restrictions are based solely on security.

How is this any different from the cabbie who has an overactive bladder and has to use the restroom frequently? He has to leave the taxi line just like the Muslims, for the same reason...NO ONE is allowed to leave an idling or vacant car close to the building because of the security threat to the airport...plain and simple.

janice said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Christina!

Dinah Lord said...

Maybe they should just go back to Mogadishu and see what kind of fares they make there....

This just makes me grumpy all over again this morning.

Back to Eskimo Rodeo.

janice said...

I've been grumpy all day....