Monday, March 30, 2009

CAIR whine-o-gram speed linking

I’ve been ill and busy last week, with work and company over the weekend. That’s still no excuse to go an entire week without a post. The real reason is the whine-o-grams have been slim and repetitive. Nothing new, so I'll post a whine-o-gram speed link just to get you up to speed.

FBI & muslims at odds; it seems FBI director Mueller was called to answer questions at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Questions (thank you Russ Feingold) stemming from the new AG guidelines regarding the FBI’s new lowered threshold for initiating an investigation. And the pantie's continue to be bunched in the article below.

CAIR, the FBI and McCarthy; like it or not islamic terrorists are muslims. And where do muslims congregate? Yes, in mosques and islamic centers. So when the FBI planted an informant in one California mosque the entire ummah is up in arms and was actually the reason for the coalition to consider suspending relations with the bureau.

Cleveland continues to capitulate; although Mayor Jackson’s office has declined to meet with CAIR and the trouble makers at Standard Parking Company or to comment on the issue. Prevailing wisdom will show that this is not discrimination against muslims. It’s a security issue. NO UNATTENDED VEHICLES! Period.Here’s my take; Frank Jackson is a democrat, his office has declined to comment or to meet with either CAIR or company representatives. What this says to me is, Jackson is gathering all the legal facts that’ll enable his office to quietly overturn this regulation.

***I have to ask, why can’t these faithful muslims keep some wetnaps in their cab, clean their feet, face and hands then simply pray while their head is turned towards Saudi Arabia? I’m just sayin’.


Dinah Lord said...

Wetnaps are haraam!!

LOL. Seriously, that airport deal is troubling. Why doesn't Homeland Security step in here about the security issues? Oh, that's right I forgot Miss Janet Napolitano is in charge of it now. That'll never happen.

Hope your feeling better, Miss J.

Glad to have you back on the scene!

janice said...

Are wetnaps really haraam? I had no idea....

Of course HSA won't step in, Napolitano is busy trying to make sure Mexico know's we're sorry for causing all the chaos on the border. You know, our need for illegal drugs and all....