Monday, March 16, 2009

Larry Shaw "pimps" for CAIR

Larry Shaw, D-NC, is the latest “prostitute” for CAIR.

A whine-O-gram sent out on Friday has the North Carolina state senator soliciting the faithful for funds.

Action: Help CAIR Defend Your Rights

As the recently-elected
CAIR board chairman, I am blessed and honored to lead an organization that
has gained tremendous respect and credibility through many years of hard work on
your behalf. Now it’s my turn to give back – and you can join me in this effort
to help CAIR continue to defend your rights and mine.

Join me in
taking CAIR and the community to a new level of engagement and ability to defend
civil rights, to enhance understanding of Islam and to promote justice and
mutual understanding. Our 15-year-long track record makes us uniquely
qualified to carry out this mission - but not without your

Our community is
facing some serious challenges and opportunities, from profiling and
discrimination to religious accommodation and the need for greater interfaith

As we strive to move forward, there are those who would
turn back the clock on our constitutional and civil rights. We cannot afford to
let this happen.

In recent weeks, committed staff and volunteers at
CAIR chapters nationwide have been defending your right to free speech and
freedom of religion.

Citing their recent brow-beating challenges CAIR has undertaken to secure muslim civil rights. Including the “lost boys” come-to-mohamad-meeting hosted by CAIR, the Abubakar As-Saddique mosque and the Building Blocks of islam. And let’s not for get the work they’re doing to ensure America is just a little bit less safe by contesting the “no-hijab-wearing-allowed” for the privilege of obtaining a driver’s license.

As of this posting, it appears Shaw is still a NC state senator. The North Carolina General Assembly website states that Larry Shaw is still the district 21 senator for the 2009 - 2010 session.

MeThinks there's an obvious conflict of interest. When is someone going to demand Shaw to step down?


Dinah Lord said...

I just don't understand why this isn't being more widely reported.

Talk about a conflict! How can this guy Shaw claim to responsibly represent his whole district at the same time he is actively lobbying for a special interest group? Where do his loyalties lie?

This just stinks to high heaven.

And no one is saying BOO about it.

SkyePuppy said...

What would happen if Shaw was soliciting funds for Focus on the Family or one of Focus's sister organizations? Hmmm?

The you-know-what would hit the fan in a heartbeat.

janice said...

Skye & Dinah, you're both making great points.

However, this new-all-inclusive-administration is clearly lacking the backbone to confront the issue.

Once again, the people have to rise up and make some noise. I've emailed both OH senators w/o a response so far.

Dinah Lord said...

You'd think there'd be some kind of an ETHICS body with rules governing this kind of extra curricular activity.

Silly me, I forgot we're dealing with a government official and ethics don't apply to our government officials...