Thursday, March 15, 2007

"This is a Pork Free express lane"

It seems most muslims in this country are failing to assimilate. The latest incident involves a Target cashier who refused to handle a package of bacon. In the first paragraph, immediately you’re made to think the customer is the villain. The Star Tribune in Minneapolis started the article this way “Beryl Dsouza was late and in no mood for delays when she stopped at a Target store after work two weeks ago for milk, bread and bacon.” Instantly creating hostility towards the true victim of this ridiculous act. This liberal rag sees nothing wrong with someone refusing to perform a task (for which she’s being paid to perform) and portrays the employee as the victim because a customer tries to purchase a pork product.

Local muslims are cultivating an islamic rich environment in Minnesota. Taxi drivers in that state also refused fares with dogs and alcohol. Imposing their beliefs and culture on the American people is the first step towards dhimmitude. Rather than assimilating to their host country, muslims continue to coerce the American public into making concessions to accommodate their religious and cultural traditions. Never pointing out the ridiculousness of the custom or practice, as in this case, when reporting the on the clash of cultures. When a 15 year old student in New Hampshire donned a burka to school, descriptions of her experience never included the repressive character indicative of concealing ones entire body. As a result of the experiment, teachers and school officials believe a class exploring Saudi Arabian history and culture will assist in eliminating “islamophobia” from their students.

Yes, just what we need, more education for the infidels!


Malott said...


Fire the woman for not doing her job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our culture is slipping away. And it's not like we can't look at Europe and see what is coming.

janice said...

You got that right Chris.

We need to take a stand!

Jacob said...

Yeah! Take a stand! Or... not.

This seems a bit stupid, really. Doesn't Islam dictate that women should stay at home and tend to the children, while the men work? Wouldn't it therefore stand to reason that she's violating her own religion simply by working at a checkout in the first place?

Jacob said...

And it's not like we can't look at Europe and see what is coming.

Actually, many European countries are becoming more secular.

janice said...

Yes Jacob europe is fast becoming over-run with muslims demanding sharia law.

Jacob said...

Secularism, adj: a doctrine that rejects religious involvement in the affairs of the state.

Jacob said...

Crap. 'Secular' is the adjective, 'secularism' is the noun.

My (grammatical) bad.