Saturday, March 21, 2009

Iron Static Overdrive - Eskimo Rodeo

In keeping with last weeks proclamation to "lighten-up Saturday", I give you Iron Static Overdrive and the live version of their hit single, Eskimo Rodeo.

At the 3:20 mark, Larry launches into a guitar riff showing just how awesome a guitarist he is....



Dinah Lord said...

These guys rock and are excellent musicians. Miss J.

(I've got a nephew that would love 'em.)

Makes me want to buy an Iron Static Overdrive T-shirt...


janice said...

I have to agree, D.

We're planning to see them the next time they're playin, maybe get some new video.

I'll post any gig details I get as to where and when. If your nephew is near NEO he could check them out.

If he see's an over zealous mother type with a camera that would be me, LOL.

Christina said...

Hey Janice, is everything okay? You're usually not this quiet!

Hope you're just enjoying some nicer spring weather.

Dinah Lord said...

I'm looking for you too, Miss J!