Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CAIR urges "balance" in police training on islam!

Just when you think our law enforcement officials are on track to be proactive, as our first responders in the war on terror, CAIR has just a little critique. As with every step toward security, CAIR is there to ensure we take 2 steps back. The Washington branch of the unindicted terror coconspirator is demanding equal time and has offered to present a “balanced perspective on Islam and Muslims” their article states.

CAIR-WA said local Muslims leaders recently met with Chief of Port of Seattle Police Colleen Wilson to express their concerns that the course, which is being taught by a “former Muslim” and claims to be “based on Israeli experience,” will promote stereotypes and religious and ethnic profiling.

(editors note; who better to educate us infidels on radical islam than a former muslim who was indoctrinated to achieve their ultimate goal, wiping Israel off the map)

Among the course’s advertised contents are non-terror-related topics such as: Arab naming conventions, the five pillars of Islam, the “formative phases of the Islamic religion,” and the fast of Ramadan. The course is being taught by a “former Muslim.” Representatives from a number of law enforcement agencies will attend the training.

The Port of Seattle has concluded a two day course conducted by Security Solutions International, "The Threat of Islamic Jihadists to the World". The program is billed as an insightful look into the formative phases of islam, its different branches, radical islam and how to respond to terrorist acts.

(editors note; will muslims also benefit from the first responder training in a tragic terrorist event?)

Once the training program came to light and found no disadvantages to the training, CAIR relied on their tried and true tactic of character (and program) assignation. Indicating the course may be engaged in islamic racial profiling and stereotyping. And true to form WA. capitulated, allowing CAIR to get their foot in the door by a intimated threat of a discrimination lawsuit.

I would like to view an outline of the CAIR counterbalance training material. Exactly how balanced are they in their assessment of the domestic and global threat posed by the ummah, we may never really know.


Malott said...

We need to offer a class to these arrogant CAIR bastards on how they can change their attitudes and behavior in order to more easily fit into the American Culture...

And if they don't like it, we could offer plane fare back to the sandbox.

janice said...

I whole-heartedly agree, Chris!

They seem to forget the meaning of assimilation into the American culture.

Then again, their mission is to turn America into a muslim nation under sharia law....

Anonymous said...

Islam is on its way, fasten you seat belts.

One day you will wake up to a knock on your door, it will be Islam