Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why the Backlash from CAIR?

Andrew Whitehead, Anti-CAIR’s proprietor, has an insightful look at why CAIR protested the May 8th mock hostage drill conducted in Irving.

Ahmed Rehab from CAIR's Chicago chapter said “the exercise wrongly typecast Islamic houses of worship as security threats. Rehab says he has no reason to believe the exercise was meant to be malicious, but it still perpetuates a stereotype linking all Muslims to terrorism.”

Upon hearing CAIR’s response, Whitehead came up with a few unanswered questions.

1) Who were the hostage takers? Nowhere in the story do the words “Muslim terrorists” appear. In fact, the “terrorists” were given generic names from a TV program.

2) It is safe to presume that a mosque, being a Muslim religious building, would be full of … Muslims.

3) Nowhere in the drill was the mosque identified as a threat.

The above lead to more questions:

1) Why did CAIR assume the terrorists were Muslim? (Note to CAIR: Not all Muslims are terrorists.)
2) Why doesn’t CAIR appreciate the fact that law enforcement ran a drill saving American Muslims from terrorists? (And what does this lack of appreciation tell us about CAIR?)
3) Why did CAIR assume the mosque was a threat? None of the articles regarding the drill stated that the mosque was seen as a threat. (Again, what does this tell us about CAIR?)

I doubt any of us will answers to those questions. At least someone is asking them.

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