Monday, May 05, 2008

Shenanigans at the Ohio AG office

It seems an air of misbehavior is encompassing the office of the Ohio state attorney general. Dirk Thompson, host of the Sunday Radio Deli, devoted all three broadcast hours to the investigation and their findings. By the time the "cult" services ended, most attendees agreed that Marc Dann should remain Ohio's top lawyer. At least until the November elections.

The 62 page document reads like a steamy, drugstore paperback as complainants describe the work environment created by Anthony Gutierrez, pictured here.
The "Dannimal" house, (the Dublin condo shared by Dann, Gutierrez and Leo Jennings) was a party palace, all paid for by Ohio tax payers. During a press conference on Friday, in typical democratic fashion, Marc Dann threw his housemates under the bus. By exposing his own extramarital affair, Dann gave credence to the alleged abuses in his office.

Breaking news, Governor Strickland and other top dems, have just asked Marc Dann to resign.


Dinah Lord said...

I read about this Miss J and wondered if you had the scoop - sure enough!

This is such a Democrat deal, isn't it? If it was a Republican in the Dannimal House he'd be already driven out on his keister.

Do you have to be lacking in the shame bone department to be a Democrat? (not to be crass or anything but this guy is clearly thinking with a bone of another sort - ahem.)

janice said...

You're so right D, What a disgrace. They used their positions of power for whoop-it-up time on the public dime.

Sunday talk radio was the best 3 hours in a long time. These shenanigans, if kept alive until November, could swing Ohio to McCain.

Dinah Lord said...

Keep stirring the pot on this one, Miss J. I'd love to see Maverick take OHIO -