Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Somali muslim threatens service dog!

What would you do if someone threatened to kill your pet? I'm sure that crazy neighbor who keeps all the balls that enter the yard and never hands out Halloween candy comes to mind. How would you handle the situation if it were a student, Somali immigrant, who believed your protector was unclean and needed to be killed?
Tyler Hurd, an aspiring special needs instructor, received such a threat. Hurd, a St. Cloud State University student in a teacher-training program at Technical High School, dropped out of the program 10 hours shy of the required 50 hours of training. Technical High School students taunted his dog and Hurd finally left when the threat was made. The safety of his dog came first.
School and university officals were quick to dismiss the incident as a "misunderstanding" and waved the remaining 10 hours of field training.
Even though CAIR isn't mentioned in the article, they felt compelled to weigh in on the issue.
Valerie Shirley, the Minnesota chapter communications director, had this to say; “The moral and legal need to accommodate individuals using service dogs far outweighs the discomfort an individual Muslim might feel about coming into contact with a dog, which is one of God's creatures,”
Tyler Hurd and his service dog, Emmitt.

Hershey Bar, our dog and member of the family.
I think CAIR, and muslims in general, know they can push our cultural limits. But when it comes to messing with our dogs, they're learning it's a "no go zone".


SkyePuppy said...

This is America! We love our dogs (except for Christina, whose dog is currently in the doghouse over the Cinderella Dismemberment).

Immigrants need to develop some canine compassion, if they want to live here.

Dinah Lord said...

OMG - I want to kiss Hershey Bar's face he is so cute! Dog saliva doesn't slow my praying down! They are such great dogs. I used to have a beautiful black lab. She was Shady Lady, the world's greatest bacon thief.

But back to the unindicted terror co-conspirators and professional cry-babies, CAIR. This was part of their statement:

“We were just shocked to see that. He (Hurd) was treated with disrespect,” Lori Saroya said in an interview.She lives in Minneapolis and is chairwoman of the Minnesota chapter.

Muslims believe the saliva of dogs invalidates the ritual washing before prayer. It has become a cultural norm for individuals not to have dogs in their houses, according to Minnesota CAIR.

I don't know why they would be so shocked about when this entire chapter and verse in the Hadith is dedicated to the killing of dogs.

And riddle me this, Miss Janice. Do you think Emmitt was attacked because of the Hadith?

'He (the Holy Prophet further) said: It is your duty [to kill] the jet-black (dog) having two spots (on the eyes), for it is a devil.'
// Translation of Sahih Muslim, Book 10, Number 3813

Malott said...

They don't like to live around dogs?

It's as simple as that?

janice said...

I agree Skye, that's been the biggest problem, lack of assimilation.

Thanks DL, Hershey is a great dog. OMG! Shady Lady the bacon thief, that has fatwa written all over it!

The rules that the RoP faithful adhere to is enough to create homocide bombers. Yes, the hadith you mention was discussed at another site I read yesterday.

Oh Chris, didn't your heart melt when you saw Emmitt? I thought he looked like your Helen, without the shower cap of course.