Thursday, May 29, 2008

B. Hussein Obama; Stop Pandering & Ponder this...

Vets For Freedom put B. Hussein Obama, the hamas, hezbollah, Chavez and Castro endorsed democrat candidate, on the spot regarding the defining issue of our time.

This is the best campaign ad I’ve seen in a long time.


SkyePuppy said...

Dang! That's good!

I bet they could use some money to give it some airplay.

mulling it over said...

Trying to politicize the military is lame as hell. Bring the troops home already, this war is already costing 3 trillion dollars that my kids are going to be paying for.

janice said...

Sorry to be the one to inform you Barry, but the military is a part of the American voting electorate. They too have a voice.

And as soon as the military upload their ad in support of Obama, I'll post it too.

Malott said...

I love this.

I may post it on my blog, too.

janice said...

Post it Chris, MeThinks it needs to be seen by all.

Barry, you seem so concerned with the cost of the war and passing THAT debt to your kids, am I to believe you're living a debt free life-style?

Weekends Off said...

Oh darn I can't watch these from work, and the home pc is no more....what is it about?

Our stupid tech guy went nuts on us and blocked a ton of stuff we used to be able to do.

Anyway I was stopping by to say HI anyway :0)

janice said...

Thanks WE-O, the AD is really good. You were probally blocked because of it's political content.

Have a great day, thanks for stoppin' by!

janice said...

Sorry, published before I could tell you about the AD.

The young girl is a combat medic (14 months in Iraq I think) and she asks Obama if he'll sit down with Gen. Petraeus and talk about the great gains the military has made since he hasn't been to Iraq in 2 years.

It's really good.