Sunday, August 05, 2007

Missionaries to accost worshippers at Seattle mosques

From the title of my post, one would think, muslims were being forced into vans and shuttled off for some deprogramming by over zealous Christians. That title was in CAIRs whine-o-gram and meant to "shock" readers. The real article headline is "Christians to seek converts at mosques' doorsteps" from the Seattle Times. Not only was the headline changed, it was the whine-o-gram's feature news brief. Just another example of misleading enlightenment by CAIR to enrage the ummah into action as the email is actively seeking "victims" of this abuse and provide contact information.

This is not the first time Pastor George Saieg, a Christian who grew up in Sudan and attended muslim schools, and his congregation embarked on spreading the gospel to muslims. Saieg started his "Ministry to muslims" in 2001 focusing on the Arabic Christian Perspective.

I googled this ministry and pastor looking for instances where true harassment occurred. I could not find any. Muslim leaders in the Seattle area claim "They were harassing women for wearing scarves," WOW! Is that all they could come up with? First of all, these islamic "leaders" are playing the race card. They're calling it "harassing" because a man may have tried talking to a muslim woman and the islamic view forbids consorting with men outside your family.

The fear emanating from Washington's islamic community is baseless. The ministry isn't breaking any laws and, in Michigan for example, has spread the "Good News" and led dozens to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I hope this ministry continues to open salvation's door for muslims. Join me in supporting Pastor Saieg and his group, this work must continue. To quote Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Assembly of God church in Bothell; "Islam is seriously an issue in the world today. The ultimate answer is conversion, because radical Islam flows from Islam," Amen!

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