Monday, August 06, 2007

CAIR asks Tancredo to retract and apologize for "Bomb Mecca" statement

CAIR issued a late day whine-o-gram calling on Tom Tancredo, Republican presidential candidate, to apologize for comments he made (and has been making since 2005) threatening to "bomb Mecca and Medina". CAIR is a little late in their "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" email.

I remember Tancredo making this remark last year in response to the increasing violence in Iraq. Talk show hosts like Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager vehemently denounced Tancredo's comment as irresponsible. Only Michael Savage, an extremist, agreed with the remark.

This "press release" by CAIR is political theater. Where were they 2 years ago when Tancredo was screaming about turning Saudi Arabia into a glass parking lot? It's meant to call out other Republican candidates, forcing their hand so to speak, to see how they plan to deal with the arab world.

I for one, think we've been fighting this war with "one arm tied behind our backs", imposing ridiculous rules of engagement on our troops while our air force watches from the ground. As for "holy" sites being off limits, I believe if a mosque is being used as terrorist bunker then yes lets bomb the hell out of it! We're fighting an ideology whose members hide among civilians, fight under different flags united by their warped hatred of the west and, in this country, use our democracy to defeat our democracy. CAIR, the MSA (muslim students association) and MPAC, just to name a few, are doing their part to secure special rights through civil, state and federal litigation, thus undermining our culture and America as we know it today.

The statement Tancredo made 2 years ago, if taken in context, was in response to a nuclear attack (real or threatened) on our homeland. People came out of the woodwork claiming this would lead to fulfilling muslim eschatology.

I prefer to have "Thy Will Be Done" without Tancredo or Ahmadinejad lending a helping hand.

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SkyePuppy said...

I hope Tancredo told them to stick their apology where the sun don't shine...