Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gaza Strip, the new vacation destination!

It's an American tradition when summer rolls around, those precious 2 weeks a year spent away from the office.

You start making plans for family vacations. The Carolina coast, Florida, maybe a tour of Washington D.C., amusement parks and camping. All these excursions end up being recounted at the water cooler and in back to school essays.

One Tennessee man is waiting for his wife and 3 children to return from the Gaza Strip. Hossam Bahour is calling on the State Department to extricate his family from the war zone to which his family was vacationing.

And true to form, CAIR was on the scene, trying to get air time, improve their public image and blame Israel championing the cause of what "could be 100 U.S. citizens who are similarly stuck in the Gaza Strip since Hamas wrested control of the area from the rival Fatah movement in June. But Bahour was the first to contact their organization," and "has appealed to the State Department to work for the family's release" according to CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper.

I have to ask you, even if you have family living there, why would you want to visit such a place? The war last summer between Israel and hezbollah forces in Lebanon, where American marines came in and evacuated hundreds of US citizens trapped in the middle of the war zone, should have made one think twice about crossing the border. It's not like they were unaware of the situation, especially if they have family living there. Nightly news reports have been covering the civil strife in the region for months. Fatah and the democratically elected hamas party have been killing each other and civilians for the past 6 months. Yet, these muslim morons continue to travel to their "homeland" and call on America, the very country they're trying to destroy, for deliverance.

I'll stick to my favorite vacation spots right here in the good ol' USA, Cape Hatteras Island and Nevada's "sin city" called Las Vegas. The only time I'll need a marine, or any of our armed services, while on my vacations, is when I stop to shake their hand and thank them for their service to our nation.

That's what I call a vacation!

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Malott said...

I would generously and enthusiastically contribute to a fund that would buy one-way tickets for CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper and any other American Muslim - to go to Gaza and rescue these poor vacationers.

But American troops? Nope.